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Size Distribution and Concentration of Exosomes

Particle Characterization

In this study, we demonstrate the ViewSizer 3000’s capabilities as a next generation NTA based analysis instrument in order to accurately and efficiently measure and characterize exosomes via particle size and concentration.

It tracks particle Brownian motion. Distinct from the conventional NTA systems that uses one laser (one wavelength) to illuminate particles in the colloid, the ViewSizer 3000 instrument includes a patented system of three solid-state lasers with wavelengths of 445 nm, 520 nm, and 635 nm. Due to the range of laser powers used, varying the power a wider range of particle sizes in the same sample can be analyzed. The combination of the 3 lasers overcomes the common drawback of conventional NTA which is the failure to size particles accurately in a polydisperse sample.

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