STARS Automation Software

Automation Software for Lab and Vehicle Development Test Systems

Our STARS platform is aimed at meeting the growing worldwide requirements for developing low emission or high performance vehicles in a reduced R&D time, requires open and highly flexible tools. This platform with it's tools covers the complete development cycle, from the components to the complete vehicle, while increasing the testing process productivity and improving data collection and processing efficiency.

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What is STARS?

Our STARS software is designed to automate and standardize emissions testing of vehicles, similar to the original ICCT version of STARS. The software platform includes a standardized test sequence for both laboratory and real-world driving emissions (RDE) conditions, and provides real-time feedback to operators on malfunctions and deviations during the test.

Additionally, STARS also includes a data management system that can store and process large volumes of data generated during testing, and provides users with a user-friendly interface for data visualization and analysis.

Currently, STARS Automation software has been used in various emissions testing programs and is designed to help manufacturers and regulatory bodies meet emissions regulations, such as Euro 7 emissions standards.

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