STARS Enterprise

Test Automation Software for Laboratory Management

Seamlessly integrate all of your measurement systems, test beds, and test specimens, as well as onboard systems in both the laboratory and in mobile road tests.

The apps in the STARS Enterprise software offer you a modular, flexible, scalable and future proof software solution to automate and optimize your test laboratory, today and into the future.

STARS Enterprise is a completely new generation of software, consisting of innovative web and mobile apps in a cloud-based platform. 

Segment: Automotive
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Test Automation Ltd.

Key Advantages of STARS Enterprise

  • A user-oriented application framework with a modern look. It stands out with its optimized user environment.
  • Open interfaces, adaptable, true modular architecture.
  • The software grows with increasing requirements.
  • Unique security model and security assessments.


STARS Enterprise Monitoring

  • Monitoring Viewer Providing Three Levels of Detail:
    • LAB, Device and Analyzer:
    • STARS Enterprise Monitoring collects status information and system data from all the connected devices. Any system errors or warnings will be indicated on a display.
  • Overall View of All Connected Devices: 
    • The Lab View provides an overall view of all connected devices and their actual status.
    • An error overview list should give a quick overview of what the actual problems are.
  • Detailed Information on the Major Components: 
    • The Device View provides more detailed information. In case of an emission bench it will show the information on the major components like the analyzers and sample system.


Using the STARS Enterprise platform, we can design and build optimal solutions for your business. The solutions currently include:


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