HORIBA Extends Automation Capabilities For Electrifed Vehicles and Real Driving Emissions Testing

|   Press Release

HORIBA today announced the availability of STARS VETS, its vehicle emission test automation software for Windows 10 64 bit Operating System.

STARS VETS is part of HORIBA’s STARS Automation platform which enables increased test cell efficiency and usability, in turn enhancing our customers’ productivity. STARS VETS ensures vehicle emission tests run smoothly and efficiently with preloaded cycles, configuration data and results calculations for a wide range of regulatory standards.  
Calibration and certification of electrified vehicle is adding substantial testing complexity. To overcome this complexity, the latest version of STARS VETS includes a complete application package to address testing for full electric and hybrid electric vehicles, providing all necessary features to assess emissions, fuel consumption, electric energy consumption and range.  

“As part of our continuous development, we have upgraded STARS VETS to help our customers continuously address future industry and regulations development,” said Vincent Foulart, director of product development, test automation for HORIBA Automotive. “While including new testing standards, we have also upgraded and enhanced the user interface making it easier for test engineers to run tests efficiently and effectively” 
STARS VETS includes support for real driving emissions testing – enabling whole-vehicle RDE tests to be replicated accurately with HORIBA’s unique methodology and know-how. Additionally, it is available for vehicle emissions testing on chassis, engine and powertrain dynamometers. 
Important features that were launched within the previous versions of STARS VETS are still available including: 

  • Open and flexible platform for customization of testing at every vehicle development stage 
  • Interface with various simulation platforms for scenario based real-world testing 
  • Unique inspector tool for transparent insight into test results post-processing  
  • Optimum efficiency with the possibility to run and prepare for the next test simultaneously 

STARS VETS integrates with STARS Enterprise, HORIBA’s facility automation solution to keep the test cell and the whole facility running at its peak efficiency and productivity all while producing integral quality data to ensure minimal data variation and downtime. 

Watch our latest STARS VETS video here: https://youtu.be/Xl4JonHG0mY