Ultra-Small Spot Elemental Analysis for Extra-Large Wafer Samples

HORIBA Scientific’s XGT-9000SL, the x-ray analytical microscope with a super large chamber, enables ultra-small spot elemental analysis for your extra-large wafer samples. The SL brings the industry leading, nondestructive contamination analysis and multilayer thickness measurement of the XGT-9000 series to wafers as big as 12”.

The XGT-9000SL has three illumination modes for clear and detailed imaging of various sample types. This flexible illumination captures clear images of bump patterns, detects physical defects and foreign matter on reflective surfaces, and reveals the composition inside the wafer as well as on the surface.

The optical design includes a 10 micron probe and vertical irradiation for precise and accurate multilayer measurement with no parallax error.

The attachable wafer holder can set samples of various sizes easily and safely.


X-ray Analytical Microscope
with a Super Large Chamber

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