Password Reset Procedure for LAQUA 1000 Series Bench Meters

If you’ve forgotten the password for your PH1100, PH1200, PH1300, EC1100, or PC1100 meter, follow these steps to reset the password.

1 Press the SET key and MODE key simultaneously for 5 seconds.

2 Press ENT key.

3 Press SET key.

4 Press down arrow key until GEN appears on the screen.

5 Press ENT key.

6 Press down arrow key again until PASS appears on the screen.

7 Press ENT key twice.

8 Enter a new 4-digit password using the arrow keys: left/right arrows—to move to the left or right digit, up/down arrows—to increase or decrease the digit.

9 Press ENT key to save the new 4-digit password (Example: 1413).

10 New password is set.


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