A “Kyoto-style” Approach to Meeting the Needs of Society

Upholding our corporate social responsibility with stable corporate management

At HORIBA, all employees utilize their innate wisdom as they provide society with excellent analytical and measurement equipment, thereby meeting our corporate social responsibility.

The products we provide to our customers contribute directly to society; we believe that the root of CSR is to respond to our stakeholders’ trust and expectations through our business. We are in a fortunate position, as the more effort we apply, the more we can contribute to safety, human health, the environment, and solutions to energy issues.

This pride engenders loyalty and leads to the development of competitive products; as a result, we can continue to contribute to society through stable operation of our company.

A history of dedication to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility

Since our founding, the spirit of HORIBA has been based on the idea of “the importance of being sustained by the unified “Omoi”—convictions—of all our employees and being a company that is recognized by and needed by society.”

Our Company Precept of “Joy and Fun” describes what we have termed the “Horibarian* way of thinking.” Although HORIBA did not specifically establish CSR initiatives in our corporate rules in our early days, these initiatives have been deeply rooted in our company in an unbroken line since our inception.

At HORIBA, we have cultivated an atmosphere in which our activities conform to the era, and we continuously pursue these activities with a natural stance. In the future, we shall remain committed to promoting the HORIBA spirit by further improving our systems, training, and other aspects, all of which will further enhance our employees’ skills. I am confident this approach will have a positive influence on our associated companies, sales companies, and customers.

* The common designation for all employees of the HORIBA Group

Providing first-class quality for a life of content for all

At HORIBA, our business itself contributes to society. We aspire to further increase our scale and to become a Global No.1 company as we contribute to a life of content for all through our analysis technology.

Becoming a Global No.1 company does not mean simply pursuing higher sales, increasing profits, and producing larger quantities of products; it also means leading the world in quality. This is the very heart of the Kyoto approach, which we refer to as the “Kyoto style.”

If we can provide the entire world with first-class quality not only in terms of products and services but also in terms of our “Omoi,” then we will have become what we believe is a Global No.1 company.

Biodiversity Action Policy

HORIBA implements corporate activities with  ‘Energy, Health, the Environment and Safety’ as keywords according to the HORIBA Group CSR Policy. The ‘HORIBA Biodiversity Action Policy’ has been established as part of our corporate activities.

[HORIBA Biodiversity Action Policy]
1. We contribute to biodiversity through analysis and measurement technology.
2. We spread the importance of biodiversity to our society.
3. We take proactive actions in collaboration with local bodies. 

The Policy on streamlining of Energy

[Energy Policy]
We consistently strive to utilize energy efficiently to contribute to energy-saving.

[Action Policy]
We strive to measure,  comprehend and evaluate the amount of energy use, to enhance the effectiveness of energy use, and to introduce energy-saving equipments in case of the introduction and update of equipments.