What is essential for the growth of delicious lettuce is nutrient solution management!

Growing safe lettuce in a plant factory

Mr. Yoshio Miyashita, CEO of Oizumi Yasaikobo Co., Ltd., has opened a vegetable factory in Oizumi-machi, Oura-gun, Gunma Prefecture to produce and sell safe lettuce that is free of insects, agrichemicals, and price fluctuations in a completely enclosed factory environment. To manage water quality and the nutrient solution components that are essential in a plant factory, Mr. Miyashita uses HORIBA’s LAQUAtwin compact water quality analyzer. We interviewed Mr. Miyashita to ask him about his commitment to producing delicious lettuce as well as his dreams for the future.

Mr. Yoshio Miyashita

Mr. Yoshio Miyashita
CEO of Oizumi Yasaikobo Co., Ltd.
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