A second inauguration and global operations


  • Start of the Mid-Long Term Management Plan (MLMAP).

January 1990

  • The state-of-the-art research and development center, ACTIVE ZONE 21, is completed.
HORIBA Instruments Incorporated

July 1990

  • In response to the growing demand for environment measuring equipment in the United States, HORIBA transfers control of its U.S. operations to HORIBA Instruments Incorporated and plans for business expansion.
Air pollution monitor car presented to the Academy of Science of China


  • Crystal factory is completed in Arizona, USA.
  • Air pollution monitors and air pollution monitor cars are presented to the Academy of Science of China.
Tempe Facility in Arizona

March 1991

  • The manufacture of liquid crystal displays is transferred to Tempe Facility in Arizona, the United States.
FUN HOUSE is opened

October 1991

  • FUN HOUSE, a pension-style training facility in Shiga Prefecture, is opened.
Installation of chassis dynamometer for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

October 1992

  • HORIBA begins installing a chassis dynamometer for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Commencement of HONEST

June 1992

  • HONEST, a PC network that analyzes data on acid rain, is commenced.
Atsushi HORIBA elected president and representative director

January 1992

  • Atsushi HORIBA is elected as president and representative director

July 1992

  • HORIBA reaches an agreement with Nippon Roche K.K. to market blood cell counters.
CO2 and CH4 monitoring system delivered to the Meteorological Agency’s Marcus Island observation station

March 1993

  • CO2 and CH4 monitoring system delivere to the Meteorological Agency’s Marcus Island observation station, which is the 17th World Calibration Center of Background Pollution Monitoring Network (BAPMoN), a part of World Meteorological Organization’s Global Atmosphere Watch program.
HORIBA Europe GmbH opens in Sweden

July 1993

  • HORIBA Europe GmbH opens an office in Sweden to strengthen HORIBA's presence in Northern European countries.
First cordless pH meter

August 1993

  • HORIBA begins selling the world’s first cordless pH meter.
Receive ISO-9001 approval

October 1993

  • HORIBA becomes the first Japanese maker of measuring and analytical devices to receive ISO-9001 approval.

April 1994

  • ISO-9001 approval receives from the British Standards Institute (BSI).
First X-ray microscope analyzer

October 1994

  • HORIBA develops the world's first X-ray microscope analyzer.
International standard automobile emission analyzer

February 1995

  • HORIBA announces a new international standard automobile emission analyzer developed jointly by the Company’s operations in Japan, the United States, and Europe.
Beijing Representative Office (China)

February 1996

  • The Beijing Representative Office (China) is established.
HORIBA acquires ABX SA

June 1996

  • HORIBA acquires the specialist blood cell counter maker ABX SA (presently HORIBA ABX SAS), from the Swiss pharmaceutical giant, F. Hoffmann-La Roche SA.

November 1996

  • HORIBA launches its Internet home page, GAIAPRESS, which focusses on the theme of preserving the global environment.
Castany ACT D-20 series of measuring devices


  • HORIBA releases its Castany ACT D-20 series of measuring devices, which feature shock resistant electrodes, water resistant designs, and multi-parameter measuring functions.
HORIBA Head Office

March 1997

  • Construction of a new five-story head office building is completed.

June 1997

  • HORIBA INSTRUMENTS Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) is established.

September 1997

  • HORIBA acquires France manufacturer, JOBIN YVON SA, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of optical equipment.
Clean room completed for microsensor production
  • Clean room for microsensor production is completed.
Inspection equipment for flat panel displays

November 1997

  • Inspection equipment for flat panel displays including liquid crystal displays and plasma displays is developed. It is capable of detecting contrast defects in dots and lines.
Named as Registered Manufacturer by MITI

April 1998

  • HORIBA is named as Registered Manufacturer by MITI. This system registers companies recognized as especially superior at quality control.
LC-270 CRP

April 1998

  • LC-270 CRP, the world's first blood cell and inflammation measurement equipment is announced.
Dioxin formation observation equipment PG-222

June 1998

  • Dioxin formation observation equipment PG-222 is announced. Dioxin is much in the news for its influence on the general public.
HORIBA acquires Atago Bussan Co., Ltd.

August 1998

  • HORIBA aquires Atago Bussan Co., Ltd., a spectroscopic analysis equipment export-import and sales trading company.
HORIBA International

September 1998

  • HORIBA International is founded as a management company to coordinate the former HORIBA Instruments Inc. in North America.
  • HORIBA/STEC Inc. is founded to strengthen the HORIBA Group's North American semi-conductor business.
IT-550 series of handy type radial thermometers

January 1999

  • IT-550 series of handy type radial thermometers with narrow field of vision, water proofing and digital output are announced.
U-20 water quality monitoring system

March 1999

  • U-20 water quality monitoring system with many revolutionary functions such as taking thirteen measurements is announced.
Engine exhaust measurement lab in Ann Arbor

April 1999

  • Engine exhaust measurement lab is established in Ann Arbor, North America, where exhaust regulations are strict.
Omoshiro Okashiku (Joy and Fun)

Omoshiro Okashiku - Joy and Fun

The company motto displayed above sums up the directive to everyone at HORIBA Group, which is to bring enthusiasm and excitement into our work to make our trade fulfilling and enjoy our lives.