Dynamic Image Analysis of Pharmaceutical Multi-particulates

Webinar Summary

Join HORIBA for a discussion about how size and shape analysis can monitor and improve the development and production of pharmaceutical multi-particulates. The CAMSIZER digital image analyzer been used to great effect for this application.

Dynamic image analysis (DIA) offers an easy and rapid method of measuring the dimensions of large samples of particles in typical size ranges of bead products formulated for drug delivery (200 – 2,000 um). DIA is suitable for characterizing starting materials such as sugar spheres or microcrystalline cellulose beads, assessing particle size distributions of drug layered, solution layered or extruded/spheronized beads, and for measuring polymer coat thickness of enteric or sustained release coatings applied to such substrate beads. In this Webinar, DIA data from a bead product, manufactured by slurry-coating an active onto sugar spheres followed by polymer coating to produce a sustained release multi-particulate formulation, will be presented and interpreted.

HORIBA is pleased to have a CAMSIZER user, Dr. Grant Heinicke, present his success story.

Grant has been employed in the pharmaceutical industry as a formulator of sustained-release solid oral dosage forms since 1987.

Topics covered include:

  • What are multi-particulates and what is DIA?
  • What is a representative sample?
  • Application: Raw materials
  • Application: Drug layering
  • Application: Measuring coat thickness
  • Application: Investigating drug release
  • Future opportunities for DIA

Original broadcast: June 3, 2009
Archive Code: AP001
Speaker: Dr. Grant Heinicke
Title: Director of Development
Company: Anchen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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