Accurate measurement from only a single drop of sample onto HORIBA's original flat sensor. LAQUAtwin product line-up offers easy, quick, and reliable measurement of 8 parameters. It brings new dimension to your water quality testing.

LAQUAtwin 4M Kit


 Na+,Sodium Ion   Temperture 
Water proof Micro Volume  2-point calibration


The LAQUAtwin 4M kit offers extreme flexibility, designed to give you optimal configuration options and ensuring you have all test equipment and solutions at hand when needed.
The removable inlays offer space to up to 4 additional meters. Add a plant sap kit to convert the meter into a mobile agriculture lab.
Create your own kit based on your application requirements.

  • Add 1, 2, 3 or even 4 meters, choose from pH, EC, TDS, Salt and ionized Calcium
  • Add a plant sap test box making to kit a powerful agriculture support tool
  • Removable foam inlays
  • Light weight, only 870 grams with 4 meters inside
  • Tough, giving protection to your meters
  • Over 100 possible meter and accessory configurations
  • Warranty: 2 years - meter; 6 months - sensor
  • Packed in handy carrying case
  • Supplied with 4 meters (NO3-11, NA-11, CA-11 and K-11), 2 standard solutions per meter (14ml each), 8 x CR2032 batteries, 2 droppers, 60ml rinse bottle and instruction manual

Manufactured by HORIBA Advanced Techno



LAQUAtwin 4M Kit


LAQUAtwin 4M Kit

Article number


Items in package

NO3-11, NA-11, CA-11 and K-11

2 standard solutions per meter (14ml each),
8 x CR2032 batteries, 
2 droppers, 
60ml rinse bottle,
Instruction manual

Material case




438 gr (case + foam)
870 gr (complete kit)

10 to 25%: 1%


27 x 23 x 7 (cm)



Instruction Manuals (Videos)

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