HORIBA's superior electrode technology has produced unparalleled tough pH glass bulbs and unique flat sensors. Electrodes have different designs to cater a wide range of applications - from pure water to complex samples. Select the suitable electrode that is specially designed for your application.

This glass-body, refillable pH electrode is recommended for a wide range of applications, including pH buffers and aqueous test solutions.

Offers quick stability and drift reductionConstructed with responsive glass that is...

This glass-body, refillable pH electrode can measure samples as low as 50µL.

Compatible with extremely small sample containers (e.g., microtubes) Temperature sensor is placed beside the bulb for quick response Waterproof

This glass-body, refillable pH electrode gives stable readings even in highly viscous samples and non-aqueous solutions (e.g., solvents, cosmetics, paints).

The liquid junction is designed with a movable sleeve...

This refillable pH electrode can measure samples in very slender test tubes (e.g., NMR test tubes) due to its long, thin, glass-body. 

Electrode: 291mm length, 3mm diameterWaterproof

This refillable pH electrode with integrated temperature sensor is ideal for testing samples in large containers and long test tubes (e.g., microbial culture fluids) due to its long, thin, glass-body.

Electrode: 251mm length,...

The liquid junction of this glass-body, refillable pH electrode is located on the flat pH sensing membrane. Perfect for measuring samples in shallow containers (e.g., petri dishes) and gelatinous samples...

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