pH Guide

HORIBA's superior electrode technology has produced unparalleled tough pH glass bulbs and unique flat sensors. Electrodes have different designs to cater a wide range of applications - from pure water to complex samples. Select the suitable electrode that is specially designed for your application.

pH electrodes are always broken during experiments...

  Please use 9615S-10D 3-in-1 Standard ToupH electrode. The glass bulb is relatively thicker and has  lower electric resistance, resulting in fast response time.

 9615S-10D 3-in-1 Standard ToupH electrode

General Laboratory Sample Measurement

The liquid junction often clogs during measurement of viscous samples like jam.

 Ceramic liquid junction is easy to clog and hard to clean, if used in dirty or viscous samples. A clogged junction affects the measurement. To avoid this, use a pH electrode with movable sleeve like 9681S-10D for clog-free junction and easy cleaning.

9681S-10D Sleeve Touph electrode

Precise Measurement

Water is flowing while measuring in a river.

 Please use plastic-body pH electrode - either 9625-10D (refillable) or 9651-10D (gel filled).

3-in-1 plastic body pH electrodes

Field Measurements

How to measure the pH of pure water?

 pH measurement of low conductivity samples like pure water is challenging. Tips are as follows:

  • Use 9630-10D, 6377-10D, 9681S-10D or 9481-10C
  • Allow the sample and electrode to equilibrate
  • Use an airtight measuring container

Low Conductivity Sample Measurement

This plastic-body, refillable pH electrode with integrated temperature sensor is recommended for pH measurement of samples that have low conductivity or buffering capacity. Suitable for tap water and quality...


How to measure skin pH?

 Use a pH electrode with flat tip. This electrode is ideal for measuring pH on the surfaces of leather, paper, leaves because both pH membrane and liquid junction are at the tip.

ISFET Electrode

Solid and Semi-solid Samples 

The Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (ISFET) pH electrode has a semiconductor based sensor located less than 100 µm from the flat surface of the tip.

The liquid junction of this glass-body, refillable pH electrode is located on the flat pH sensing membrane. Perfect for measuring samples in shallow containers (e.g., petri dishes) and gelatinous samples...

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