Here, we give a description of Japanese regulations relating to conductivity; these help to ensure that conductivity measurements are carried out smoothly and that the results obtained are used in an appropriate manner.

1. Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)
Amongst the JIS relating to conductivity, the two shown below specify basic points and measuring methods:
  JIS K 0213: Technical terms for analytical chemistry (Electrochemistry part)
  JIS K 0130: General rules for electrical conductivity measuring method

These standards also include content regarding potassium chloride solution as a reference solution for conductivity measurement. Several other standards stipulate the use of conductivity measurement on specific materials in certain situations. Typical of these is JIS K 0102: Testing methods for industrial wastewater.

2. Japanese Pharmacopoeia
In 2011, JP16 stipulated that conductivity be used for purity evaluation in the drug monograph testing of pharmaceutical water (purified water, sterile purified water, and injection solvent).