General Summary:

HORIBA Techno Service (HTS) is a dynamic company, established in July of 2000 to maintain and manage the entire customer service function of HORIBA group companies in Japan. HTS has approximately 450 employees in 27 locations throughout Japan, as well as 5 overseas locations in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Thailand and Frankfurt, with business volume close to 11 billion JPY.

HTS’s chief role is to provide various kinds of customer support activity, such as repair and maintenance tasks, call center activities, product training, knowledge management, feedback of field experiences and spare parts sales.  

We are establishing a Global Service Strategy Office within HTS, in collaboration with the Corporate Strategy Office of HORIBA, Ltd.  We are currently in the phase of establishing the global ERP system, in which service KPIs and processes can be globally coordinated.  The global service group’s main service locations are in the US, Brazil, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, France, Germany, Austria, the UK, Netherland, Italy, Spain and Russia, with circa 1,100 employees, who belong to local HORIBA entities.

Some Key roles of Global Strategy Office include:

  1. Establish Global Service Strategy
  2. KPI Management & Creating Reporting Materials for Top Executives

    • Performing CS Questionnaire Program

  3. Global Service IT

    • Standardization & Globalization for future additions
    • Maintenance of “Global Coding” for Field Service Report + Customer Satisfaction Sheet

  4. PaLP (Management of Global Parts & Logistics - Project)
  5. Modernize Knowledge & Skill Management
  6. Enhance Service Quality Management

To help accomplish our goals, we are looking to add a strong Service Engineer, with not only the technical experience and knowledge, but also a solid business aptitude, to work in Japan and help bridge cultural and communication gaps.

Essential Functions:

  1. Position requires relocation to Japan for a minimum of 3 years, as well as additional international travel.
  2. The primary function of this position is Service Engineer, including, but not limited to:

    • Installs, repairs and maintenance of Horiba products at customer sites; performs in-house repairs of defective customer equipment.
    • Maintains in-house repair facilities, including calibration, repair and maintenance of various HORIBA products, maintaining in-house test equipment, etc.
    • Provides technical assistance to customers and Horiba departments, including parts and technical question research and assisting with Requests for Quotations.
    • Assists with QA of products prior to shipment when required.
    • Prepare Field Service Reports with sufficient detail for customer invoicing, warranty charges, labor and materials charges, and policy.

  3. Additional responsibilities may include and may increase over time:

    • Work as a team member of Global Service strategy office and perform the following tasks under the supervision of department manager:

      • Assist in Strategy Setting and propagation of such to every entity
      • Assist to analyze KPI data stored in Data Warehouse of global ERP system and monitor on-going improvement at local entity
      • Assist in Service IT global implementation
      • Assist in PaLP (Parts & Logistics Project)
      • Assist in Modernization of Knowledge & Skill Management
      • Assist in Enhancement of Global Service Quality Management
      • Perform CS Questionnaire Program together with local entity, develop PDCA plan accordingly and monitor on-going improvement.
      • Plan and execute international meetings and trainings

    • Work as a window person to contact local (mainly in US) service organizations

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Must have excellent verbal and written English communication skills.
  • Must have a strong understanding and acceptance of the Japanese company culture.
  • Must have a minimum of 3 years of experience in a manufacturing industry.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in a field of Technology (i.e. automotive, analytical instrumentation, environmental protection), or equivalent experience, is required.
  • Graduate degree, such as Master of Science in Engineering (MSE), Master of Science in Technology, or Master in Business Administration (MBA) is preferred.
  • Requires in-depth knowledge of electronics repair and ability to troubleshoot to component level
  • In-depth knowledge of electronic test equipment.
  • Position often requires work beyond a normal workday or workweek.