The MEXA-1170HCLD is available as an atmospheric (A) and a vacuum (V) model. With nine ranges available from 10 ppm up to 10,000ppm, these instruments are designed to fit most applications in the industry. 


Compact and Easy NO and NOx Analysis

The MEXA-1170HCLD Series condenses high-level functions into a compact body for real-time measurement of NO and NOx emitted from gasoline, diesel, and LPG engines--allowing you to measure NOx in a variety of locations. Use it as a single component analyzer or as a MEXA-7000 add-on.

This compact and robust design has been engineered to provide both ease of use and exceptional reliability by building the pump into the main unit, so analysis is convenient and space-efficient.

Not only can  the MEXA-1170HCLD be used for single component NO and NOx analysis, it can also be used as a MEXA-7000 Series add-on capable of operation from the control unit (MCU). For host communications you can choose between a LAN or serial (RS-232C) connection.

Highly sensitive, real-time NO and NOx analysis using chemiluminescence (CLD). Heating-type chemiluminescence (CLD) is used to perform highly sensitive measurement of NO and NOx in real time. Sensitivity for NO is extremely high and NOx measurement is possible with minimal interference from other components. Both atmospheric and vacuum configurations are available.

Flow drawing

Manufactured by HORIBA







Chemiluminescence detection (heated)

Sample gas flow rate

(Atmospheric type)
Approx 3 l/min

(Vacuum type)
Approx 2 l/min

Sample gas pressure

Between -5 kPa and 30 kPa

Ambient humidty

Under 80% relative humidity

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