Real-time Measurement of Vehicle/Engine Exhaust Flow

EXFM-ONE employs an ultrasonic method for measuring exhaust gas flow rates directly from a vehicle or engine. The unit can be used for various applications such as real time mass measurement of raw exhaust gas combined with MEXA-ONE (Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer), or for Particulate Matter/emission measurement combined with partial flow dilution system such as MDLT (Partial Flow Dilution Tunnel) or BMD (Bag Mini Diluter). Fuel consumption evaluation is also available when EXFM-ONE is paired with an optional air-to-fuel ratio(AFR) analyzer.

  • Wide range of flow measurement : 0 m3/min to 10 m3/min
  •  Fast Response : Less than 0.5 seconds t10-90 response
  •  Integrated into HORIBA ONE PLATFORM or connected to host computer


Integrated Operating Platform

HORIBA ONE Series measurement devices such as MEXA-ONE and EXFM-ONE employ the newly developed software platform “HORIBA ONE PLATFORM”. The new platform enables the user to manage measurement and quality check results of EXFM-ONE and other devices on one single display. This single user interface increases efficiency and optimizes user control over the entire testing process.


EXFM-ONE Applications

  • Real-time Mass Emission Measurement of Medium / Light-duty Engines
    Engine and catalyst behavior analysis during transient test cycles
  • PM Measurement of Medium / Light-duty Vehicles using MDLT
    Flow control of partial flow sampling system such as MDLT at vehicle test

  • Easy and Instantaneous Fuel Consumption Measurement
    Real-time fuel consumption measurement of vehicles with an optional air-to-fuel ratio(AFR) analyzer

[Excellent correlation from idling to high speed driving]
[Rapid response after fuel shut-off operation]

Manufactured by HORIBA

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