The MEXA-584L simultaneously measures CO, HC, C02 (non-dispersive infrared: NDIR) and air-to-fuel ratio (AFR) or excess air ratio (A) in idle state. lt optionally measures O2, NO, engine speed (RPM) and oil temperature (TEMP). Lightweight and compact with a clear LCD and effortless operation, it can be used as a simple measurement instrument in any work situation.


  • Lightweight (Approx. 4kg), compact and robust
  • Measures individual components during the two-speed idle test
  • RS-232C enables remote control data acquisition capability
  • Visual icon display for quick reference
  • Easy calibration
  • Remote control and data acquisition available from PC by optional kit
  • Light, durable sampling tube is easy to handle and worry free


  • Motorcycle probe for measurement of motorcycle exhaust gas
  • Drain separator for improved water removal from the sample, also protects the detector from water damage

Manufactured by HORIBA


Measured components(standard

CO, HC, CO2, AFR, LAMBA, (O2, NO option)

Measurement principle

CO, HC, CO2: Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)
Air-to-fuel ratio (AFR), Excess air ration (lambda): carbon balance method or Brettschneider method (with O2 measurement). AFR and lambda are calculated by the carbon balance method in standard configuration.

Conformed standard

OIML Class 0 - CE - FCC

Ambient humidity

Under 90% relative humidity