Bad cooling water quality and natural wear are the most frequent causes of failure for eddy current dynamometers. The damage that arises causes longer, unplanned downtime and high repair costs. In order to prevent such damage, we offer an annual overhaul of your eddy current dynamometers in our workshop.


  • You determine the time of the overhaul
  • You can plan for the cost
  • Breakdowns will be reduced to a minimum
  • Overhaul costs are much lower than subsequent repair costs
  • Shorter downtimes for the test stand


  • Disassembly of the cradled parts
  • Checking the general state andmeasurement of the parts
  • Cleaning of the cooling chambers and the cooling chamber carrier
  • Assembly with new bearings and gaskets
  • Examination on our quality test stand with bearing run-in and measurement of speed, torque and temperature