HORIBA Aims to boost sales of scientific range

26 June 2011

Expanding control and analysis equipment specialist Horiba Instruments is aiming to boost sales of its specialist hand-held scientific range in Europe and other key markets.

It has appointed a dedicated sales engineer, Samuel Francois, at its UK office in Northampton to build demand for the niche products across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The specialist range of hand-held instruments is an off-shoot of Horiba’s global catalogue of scientific instruments and technology, such as devices for elemental analysis and materials characterisation, which are used in laboratories worldwide.

The hand held range includes products for measuring nitrates in crops and soil, pH and conductivity meters as well as instruments for checking radiation levels, in goods and the environment, and the level of gloss on materials with polished surfaces such as marble.

Mr Francois previously worked (for Horiba) as an environmental engineer in South Africa. Born and educated in France, he has a Masters degree from the University of Montreal, Canada, and has also lived in Brazil and New Caledonia.

He said: “This range of products has enormous potential, and I am confident we will see sales grow significantly as they are introduced to new markets.”