HORIBA, Ltd. Creates "The Dr.Masao Horiba's Award" to Promote Measurement Technology

7 May 2004

HORIBA, Ltd. has announced that in recognition of its fiftieth year in business (in 2003) it will establish an award to encourage research in measurement systems by researchers outside of HORIBA. The award will be called "The Dr.Masao Horiba's Award," after the founder of the company. The distinguishing feature of this new award is that it will be given for research on subjects selected on an annual basis from among the various basic technologies in measurement and analysis. The subject for the premier year of the award will be pH measuring instruments, which were the first products put out by HORIBA, and also its first core technology. HORIBA welcomes entries from researchers and engineers who are involved in measurement technologies and who have recently become engaged in projects on this subject. By supporting researchers and engineers who engage in development in a spirit of fun and adventure and create innovative and original technologies in measurement and analysis, HORIBA hopes to contribute to the development of the field as a whole.

On the Establishment of The Dr.Masao Horiba's Award

Throwing new light on substances whose content, nature, and properties we know little about has always been an extremely important part of the work of scientists and engineers. Essential for this endeavor are high-level measuring instruments that utilize the very latest developments in science and technology. Despite the importance of measuring instruments and the high level of technology required to produce them, our work does not have commensurate recognition in society at large, or indeed in the academic world. We at HORIBA have established this award in the sincere hope that it will provide inspiration and encouragement for people involved in research that lays the groundwork for a stronger foundation of analysis technology.

Horiba Masao