HORIBA Technology Center Celebrates Its First Birthday

14 June 2008

HORIBA Technology Center

Officially launched on July 13 2007, the HORIBA Technology Center continues to expand HORIBA’s presence in the US, which dates back to 1970.

It is the flagship operation for US operations for the whole HORIBA Group, developing solutions for semiconductor device manufacturing and other industries that will eventually be rolled out worldwide.

The 1,900-square-metre project in Santa Clara City, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, adds development and marketing to HORIBA’s existing sales, service and production capability there. Engineers from Japan and the US work together, developing fluid control and vacuum analyzing devices for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Dr Kiyoaki Hara, R & D Director said “The move is part of HORIBA’s strategy to focus research and development close to the customer base and to spread our multinational workforce globally.” He went on to say “We have already seen many benefits from being located so close to our customer base. We have promoted collaboration between vendors, integrators, and customers that is necessary to meet the challenges of next generation processes by providing added value and enabling technology from HORIBA’s vast range of core technologies.”

The HORIBA Technology Center will open its doors for an open day on July 18th 2008 to celebrate its first anniversary.

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