HORIBA to Launch Automatic Blood Cell and CRP Counter (LC-178CRP)

27 September 2004

HORIBA, Ltd. will shortly launch a newly developed version of its Automatic Blood Cell and CRP Counter, the LC-178CRP, which combines two types of measurement capabilities in one device: measurement of blood cell count, which includes red blood cells and white blood cells and other haematological parameters; and measurement of CRP (C-reactive protein), an indicator that shows levels of inflammation.

The LC-178CRP succeeds in expanding the range of measurement of CRP concentration levels to 20mg/dL, or double the level measured by previous devices, and will be useful in the speedy diagnosis of disorders that can often show high concentration levels of CRP, such as pneumonia. It is also expected to make a significant contribution to the provision of even more advanced medical care, such as in the monitoring of post-operative progress and in ascertaining the condition of patients brought in for emergency treatment.


Main features
1.Expands the measurement range of CRP concentration levels to 20 mg/dL (double that of previous devices produced by HORIBA). High-concentration samples can be measured directly, with no need for dilution.
2.Blood cell count and CRP can be measured simultaneously with a single sample. Measurement can be performed with whole blood samples. Pretreatment, such as centrifugal separation, is unnecessary.
3.Measurement can be performed with a sample of whole blood as minute as 18 μL. Tests can be made on a blood sample taken from an earlobe or a fingertip. The sample-taking process is gentle on children.

Main specifications
Time to perform measurement: 270 seconds
Overall dimensions: 300 mm (width) x 410 mm (height) x 400 mm (depth);
Weighing approx. 18 kg.