New Product: ENDA-5000 Series Stack Gas Analysis System

12 April 2004

HORIBA, Ltd. has developed a new model of its ENDA-5000 Series stack gas analysis system, which continuously measures the density of NOx/SO2/CO2/CO/O2 in gases emitted from plants such as garbage incineration plants. The new system will go on the market on April 20.

Utilizing 3-D CAD spatial design, the new system will be the smallest of its kind in the industry. This downsizing has reduced the restrictions on the location where the system can be set up, as well as improving maintainability and operability. The system also supports network connection, enabling equipment diagnosis and monitoring operations from remote locations. With this new system, HORIBA is aiming at capturing the largest share of the replacement market in Japan and the large-order market in the Asian region, which has a particularly high growth potential.

Main Features
(1) Smallest size in the industry – half the volume of HORIBA’s previous systems
The smaller size considerably reduces restrictions on locations where the system can be set up, creating more free space on the plant site. With the door open, the maintenance space at the front of the system has been increased by 50 cm. Downsizing has also made the system easier to operate.
(2) Can be connected to networks (LAN), enabling two-way data transmission
Network connection allows monitoring, equipment diagnosis, software updating, and other operations from remote locations.
(3) Enhanced operability and reduced running costs
・A touch panel enables all operations to be performed simply by using one finger to select the required operation from the screen menu.
・The calibration record (15 for each constituent) and the alarm record (up to 56 occurrences) can be checked on screen, enhancing the efficiency of on-site management operations.
・The SO2 calibration time has been reduced to approx. 3 minutes, one-fifth of the previous time. Calibration gas consumption has also been reduced to one-fifth of the previous amount.

Main Specifications
Measurement methods: Cross-modulation non-dispersion infrared absorption method and magnetopneumatic method (for O2 only)

Constituents measured and scope of measurement:
NOx (nitrogen oxides):200-5000 ppm (50 ppm- optional)
SO2 (sulfur dioxide):200-5000 ppm (50 ppm- optional)
CO (carbon monoxide):200-5000ppm (100ppm- optional)
CO2 (carbon dioxide):5-25 vol%
O2 (oxygen):10-25 vol%

3-cylinder type/600(w) x 300(d) x 1770(h), approx. 180 kg
6-cylinder type/600(w) x 500(d) x 1770(h), approx. 200 kg
* In this series, there is a maximum of 30 different types according to the total possible combinations of constituents, ranging from single-constituent types to combinations of five different constituents.