Portable Exhaust Gas Analyzer

26 February 2001

Horiba, Ltd. has developed a new model portable exhaust gas analyzer
"MEXA-324L" to be used for legal and other motor vehicle inspections at
garages, and will market the new product on March 1. The new model is a
user-friendly product designed for improvement of measurement work efficiency, which was developed taking the work environment into consideration. The device has an orange-colored display with backlight, and users can easily read measurement data on the display even at an angle or in bright locations, such as outdoors. In addition, the device is easy to operate, since it only has the most necessary functions. Being created based on the image an automobile with a diversely curved surface, the new model features its futuristic form and bluish pearl metallic coating. As a top market share manufacturer in this field, Horiba is launching this innovative product.

By just pressing a button, the device simultaneously measures the levels of carbon oxide (CO) and hydrocarbon (HC), measurement items required in a legal motor vehicle inspection. The price is set at 600,000 yen as a standard price. The company expects sales of 2,000 units for the first year.

By adopting a display with a backlight and by focusing on the functions
necessary for measurement to simplify operation, this product enables easier operation in the field and faster measurement work. Even though the new product itself is simple, it comes with digital input/output terminals as standard equipment. By connecting this device with a computer at the users site, measurement data can be managed in a comprehensive manner. With such expanded functions, the new product will also respond to the growing trends of adoption of various systems and networking in the garage business aiming for improvement of work efficiency and provision of better service to car users.

This device is the first product that Horiba developed by employing
information technology (IT) throughout all processes from planning to
production. Three-dimensional computer-aided design (3D-CAD) was adopted to conduct concurrent engineering of other work, such as design of a device and development of an instruction manual. As a result, the development period was reduced to eight months (50% of that for our conventional products).

The adoption of 3D-CAD led to not only a shortened development process, but creation of the innovative form of the new product. The new measuring device has a curved form, instead of a box shape, which is commonly used for products of this kind for industrial sectors. Finished with pearl metallic coating, the product was created based on the concept ga maintenance item that looks cool by the side of a vehicle.


1. Simple operation for anyone, and a display that is easy to read even
outdoors Just press the "Measurement" button for automatic measurement of two components (CO and HC).The orange-colored display with backlight has twice the width of angle of the field of view as that for our conventional products. The significantly improved legibility enables users to easily check measurement data even outdoors.

2. Coping with IT-oriented measuring practice
The device comes with digital input/output terminals as standard equipment. Measurement data can be managed and organized interactively by linking with users` computers and systems. The new product can respond to increasingly IT-based maintenance business.

3. Introduction of IT from the planning stage for the first time in the
company` s history, leading to commercialization achieved in half the time of conventional products
The concurrent engineering of design using 3D-CAD contributed to reduction of the development period from sixteen to eight months. With a common parts rate exceeding 70%, the development efficiency was improved remarkably. In terms of design, the new product features pearl metallic finish and curved form, an epoch-making design in the industry. As a leading company in this field, HORIBA proposes the futuristic form.

600,000 yen

2,000 units (during one year from launching)

Component: Body and probe, which is inserted in tail pipe (muffler)
Measurement items: carbon oxide (CO) and hydrocarbon (HC)
Measuring range: CO: 0.00 - 10.00% HC: 0 - 10,000 ppm
Outside dimension (body): 260 mm (W) x 357 mm (D) x 157 mm (H) Weight (body): Approx. 4 kg