SAE 2008 World Congress

18 March 2008

The 2008 SAE World Congress is just around the corner and HORIBA would like to invite you to attend the proceedings at Cobo Hall in Detroit from April 14-17. 

The transportation industry is entering a dynamic era where a considerable Research and Development effort will be required to meet the goals of new legislation in the United States as well as Europe.  The need to develop cars and trucks that attain 35mpg while retaining performance and driveability and meeting emissions standards presents a difficult challenge.

HORIBA, long known as the emissions expert, has added a world class expertise for engine and drivetrain development.  It is our desire to share the tools, knowledge and experience with you in an effort to assist in reaching your strategic goals.

In addition to having many of our testing tools in the booth for demonstration, this year we have asked our subject matter experts to put together concise presentations that will demonstrate how HORIBA can give your development process extra momentum.  These presentations will last 15-20 minutes each and will be presented right on the show floor in our HORIBA booth.

Please notify your Sales Rep or email as to which presentations at which time you would like to attend.

Topics Include; 

  1. CFR 1065 measurement system - 1065 compliance is application dependent with no simple overall answer.  Dr. Akard has done an extensive study of the testing procedure and will discuss the various types of testing and customer options.  He will present an overview of the MCU software package and the MEXA hardware as concerns 1065.  Consider this a primer on how 1065 compliance will affect you and how HORIBA can make it easier for you.
  2. MEXA-6000FT - This instrument uses a combination of fast spectroscopy and multi-variate analysis optimized for automotive emissions testing.  Dr. Akard will show you how to easily measure 20 or more component concentrations at once in four easy steps and quicken the pace of your research & development.
  3. MEXA Solid Particle Counting System - The MEXA-1000SPCS is designed to measure the number of real-time solid particle emissions from an engine or vehicle exhaust during steady-state or transient operations.  Dr. Wei will demonstrate the sensitivity and applicability for gaseous vehicles and diesel vehicles, with or without particulate filters.  Learn how HORIBA has designed a world-class tool for pending and future legislation in particle emissions.
  4. On-Board emissions measuring system - The HORIBA OBS-2000 is designed for efficient data collection to support energy and environmental decision making.  This is suitable for all types of vehicles from cars to construction equipment including hybrid vehicles and is instrumental in the determination of real-world effects of advanced engine and drivetrain developments.  Dr. Nakamura will show the precision and application effectiveness of this tool.
  5. Drivetrain - Learn about the advanced HORIBA drivetrain tools like virtual vehicle, hardware in the loop and service load replication and how these tools have been instrumental in the development of two-mode hybrids and how they can help in your advanced drivetrain development.
  6. Data Acquisition and Control - STARS is a comprehensive data acquisition and control system developed by the combined expertise of Schenck Pegasus, Ricardo and HORIBA.  Learn how this powerful tool can be used to automate and add capability to your application.

Presentation Schedule:

                                       11am                   1:30pm               3pm           

Monday April 14            1065                     STARS                  MEXA6000FT                         

Tuesday April 15           MEXA6000FT         OBS                     1065                                                 

Wednesday April 16      OBS                      DRIVETRAIN         SPCS                                                            

Thursday April 17          STARS                   DRIVETRAIN      

In addition, HORIBA has always supported the SAE Technical Program and this year we will we will do so again with the following three papers being part of the proceedings.  

Wednesday April 16 - 2:30pm
Further Investigation of Losses in NOx Recovery with a CVS.
Tim A. Nevius, Jeremy J. Gibbs, Horiba Automotive Test Systems

Thursday April 17 - 10am
Penetration Calibration and Verification for the Solid Particle Counting System with Poly-Disperse and Mono-Disperse Particles
Qiang Wei, Michael Akard, Horiba Instruments Inc.; Ichiro Asano, HORIBA Ltd.

Thursday April 17 - 11am
Diesel Exhaust Particulate Sampler for On-Board PM Measurement
Qiang Wei, Scott Porter, Neal Harvey, Horiba Instruments Inc.; Nobutaka Kihara, Horiba, Ltd.; Imad Khalek, Thomas Bougher, Southwest Research Institute

Please join us at Cobo Hall for what we feel will be an informative week of activity.  We look forward to seeing you there.