The 2006 Masao Horiba Awards: Announcement of Prizewinners/Awards Ceremony to Be Held on October 17

22 August 2006

HORIBA, Ltd. established the Dr. Masao Horiba's Award in 2004 in order to encourage research in the field of analysis and measurement technology among researchers and developers working in Japanese and foreign universities and in public research institutions. The prizewinners of the 2006 Awards were recently announced.

The theme for selection for this year, the third awards since inauguration, was X-ray analysis. Applications were invited from April to May 2006 and a total of 40 applications were received. The adjudicating committee, comprising eight members including academic authorities in the field of X-ray analysis, chose the following three prizewinners. The selection criteria focused on future potential and originality of research as well as the development opportunity for measurement instruments.

The committee also decided to institute the Masao Horiba Special Award in recognition of the special research achievement of the winner listed below. Although the particular research fell outside the scope of the Masao Horiba Awards, the committee recognized that the work was a challenge into a totally new field by the researcher and also that the work is expected to make a huge contribution in the medical field.

The awards ceremony and a discussion session between the prizewinners and academic and research experts will be held at the Shiran Kaikan, Kyoto University on Tuesday, October 17, which is HORIBA's foundation day.

<Awards Winners and Their Research Topic>

(Winners of the 2006 Masao Horiba Awards)

  • Dr. Yasuko Terada
    Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute
    Topic: Innovation and Application of X-ray Microbeam Fluorescence Analysis Using High-energy Radiation
  • Dr. Hisashi Hayashi
    Japan Women's University
    Topic: Development of New X-ray Spectrometry Using Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering
  • Dr. Koen Janssens
    University of Antwerp
    Topic: X-ray Based Speciation of Major and Trace Constituents in Heterogeneous Materials of Environmental and Cultural Heritage Origin

(Winner of the Special Award)

  • Dr. Masami Ando
    Tokyo University of Science
    Topic: Development of a System for Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

<About the Masao Horiba Awards>
The awards were inaugurated in May 2004 and named after the founder of HORIBA Ltd. It is an award aimed to advance measurement technology and is given to researchers working outside HORIBA. Each year, a theme for selection is chosen from the constituent technologies of measurement. The awards are not conceived merely as a research grant but are specially designed to support the commercialization of the prizewinning research. In the first and second years, applications were invited in the domains of basic technologies that became the driving force of development of the HOROIBA Group, pH measurement and infrared measurement respectively. In this third year, X-ray measurement was chosen as theme, the key technology in element analysis at HORIBA. This focus on X-ray measurement, it is hoped, would lead to the pursuit of the full potential of this academically and industrially high-value technology. Applications were invited from April 1 to May 31, 2006 and a total of 40 applications (30 from Japan and 10 from overseas) were received.

The three recipients of the 2006 awards were chosen by the adjudicating committee on the merits of their achievement and future potential, as researchers who are working with themes that are likely to generate innovative and unique analysis and measurement technology and who are expected to be the propellants of the future development of analysis and measurement technology.

The chosen theme for the 2007 awards is provisionally "Technology for Medical Purposes."