HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd. was established in 1974 under the name "Standard Technology". At that time, pollution problems like air contamination became social issues, so establishment of a technique about the pollution measurement equipment was common subject in the semiconductor industry.
HORIBA, Ltd. developed a way of producing the standard gas, which is necessary to unify the memory of the pollution measurement equipment.
At HORIBA STEC was established by the pooling by the origin, HORIBA, Ltd., Shimadzu Corporation, Takachiho Co., Ltd. and Toshiba Beckman Co., Ltd. of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry to exhibit the technique.
Our Mass Flow Controllers have the largest share of the market. In 1997, a new head office and a factory were completed. We have expanded on this knowledge to successfully develop innovative new technologies that provide leading products for today's demanding market place.