HORIBA STEC Launches New Mass Flow Controller for Industrial Applications

23 March 2017

HORIBA STEC, the recognised world leader in Mass Flow Controllers (MFC’s) for the Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing Industry, has announced the availability of a new range of mass flow products designed specifically for and in response to demand from non-semiconductor industries & applications. The semiconductor industry places high demands on MFC manufacturers to produce products according to SEMI standards which provide users with the highest levels of performance when controlling high purity process gas.

'The SEC-R100 has been designed specifically for non-semiconductor applications, where high levels of product performance, quality and integrity are crucial to customer process equipment performance’, says Phil Burnside, HORIBA’s New Business Development Manager, adding ‘HORIBA has maintained the high accuracy, high repeatability and high quality characteristics of their market leading products but engineered the device to remove high cost semiconductor industry options making it more appealing to users who do not require expensive options like surface treatment and all metal seals. HORIBA’s unquestionable quality and performance together with comprehensive field support is now available at competitive prices.’ He continues to say ‘this product is most likely to appeal to engineers from Vacuum Coating, Bioreactor, Analytical and Food & Beverage companies as well as R&D and academic professionals.

Characteristics of these high performance RoHS compliant devices include Digital/Analog communication, ±1.0% S.P. accuracy and a high speed response of ≦1 sec. HORIBA offer users configuration software for the 9 most popular gases used in the area of applications outlined above. With delivery on a short lead time the SEC-R100 range of MFC’s is ideal for replacing longer lead time products, whilst system designers can benefit from access to product CAD files and configuration software making system design and product selection much simpler. With unsurpassed aftersales and support, choosing the highest quality MFC for your application just became easier.

For more information on the SEC-R100 please click here.