Multi-gas, multi-range solution

HORIBA STEC has made it possible for the user to change the type of gas or full-scale flow rate on site. Our special Z500 configuration software makes it possible to change these specifications at will. Best of all, the changes can be made without removing the mass flow controller from the gas panel or piping. This reduces the number of spare mass flow controllers users need to store, and helps save both time and money.

Suitable for multiple types of gas

Freely change the full scale

Example : SEC-Z500X MR.MG-02

Suitable for multiple ranges

Freely change the full scale

Example : SEC-Z500X MR.MG-04

Changing the full-scale flow rate

Even when the same full-scale values are used, the MR/MG numbers associated with the full-scale flow rate values for the calibration gas may vary, due to variations in the thermal conductivity of the different process gases. To increase flow rate calibration precision, HORIBA STEC offers the following lineup of MR/MG numbers.


*Please contact HORIBA business charge if you want to know about the digital mass flow controller SEC-N100 series.



Configuration software that allows the user to alter specifications on-site

The SEC-Z500X offers multi-gas, multi-range functionality, thanks to its configuration software. This software makes it possible to select MR/MG numbers simply by entering the type of gas being used and the flow rate range, and also features a handy N2 gas conversion feature for flow rate measurements using N2 gas during receipt inspections.



Connection examples
Name Notes
Computer OS: Japanese or English, Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Software Configuration software
HORIBA STEC offers seminars detailing the use of the software.
Communications converter (serial) RS-485
Conversion adapter (CA-D) Communications converter to LAN cable
RS232C cable PC to communications converter
LAN cable LAN cable for SEC-Z500X communications
USB serial converter Required for computers that do not have a serial port
Label printer Please consult your HORIBA STEC representative for further information