Beta site evaluation of the new Pentra XLR and reticulocyte comparison with XE‐5000 and the BD Retic‐Count kit on FACSCanto II.

The Pentra XLR is a new generation of Pentra analytic systems, able to perform the cell blood count (CBC), a 5‐part leukocyte differential (5 DIFF) analysis and a reticulocyte count.

The CBC and 5 DIFF are based on impedance, cytochemistry and the measurement of light absorbance, using the double‐hydrodynamic sequential system (or DHSS) technology. On the Pentra XLR, the flow cytometric reticulocyte analysis (RET) is performed by use of the thiazole orange dye. Young, immature reticulocytes are brightly fluorescent while maturing reticulocytes show an intermediate or low fluorescence intensity. Automated counting of reticulocytes has increased the accuracy and precision compared with traditional manual counts and provides the ability to reliably measure new parameters of RET maturation, such as immature reticulocyte fraction (IRF) and measurement of the reticulocyte hemoglobin content.

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