Benefits of Managed Service Contract proven

18 August 2008

The Capacity Laboratory, Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby.

The Capacity Laboratory, Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby.

Northampton, UK, 18th August 2008: The benefits of entering into a Managed Service Contract (MSC) with HORIBA ABX have been proven according to a recent interview with Mick Chomyn, Path Links Assistant General Manager. This follows the extension of HORIBA ABX’s long standing relationship with Path Links, the pioneering integrated pathology service encompassing Lincolnshire, by entering into an MSC for haematology services. With the potential benefits of MSC’s apparent to both parties, HORIBA ABX and Path Links developed the partnership arrangement to ensure long term service continuity and development.

Embarking on a major equipment replacement programme for haematology, clinical chemistry, immunoassay and pre-analytical systems in 2006, Path Links contracted HORIBA ABX as its preferred supplier for its haematology systems. With a proven track record of instrument reliability, service support, and optimum analyser process efficiency, HORIBA ABX has assisted Path Links in achieving its goal of incorporating Lean design in the development of its single high volume capacity laboratory at the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby.

In proposing an MSC, HORIBA ABX formulated a robust package that not only fulfilled the laboratory’s analytical requirements but one which was both affordable and provided the best value over the length of the contract. “The initial financial benefits are readily apparent in that we have a stable, predictable, and affordable financial framework for the next seven years,” explains Mick Chomyn, Assistant General Manager of Path Links. “Additionally, the way in which the HORIBA ABX MSC is constructed allows Path Links to incorporate additional elements, with access to technological advances and the flexibility to meet future changes in demand.”

Initiated in 2001, Path Links is the County Wide Pathology Service for Lincolnshire, delivering Pathology services to the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust. Path Links includes all of the pathology laboratories at Boston, Grantham, Grimsby, Lincoln, and Scunthorpe, as well as phlebotomy centres at smaller hospitals in the area. As a single managed pathology service, Path Links ensures that patient tests can be performed anywhere in the County using standardised procedures, equipment, and reagents, with results issued using the same reference ranges.

The full interview with Mick Chomyn, ‘Path Links – Why a Managed Service Contract?’, has been published in the latest newsletter from HORIBA ABX UK. This can be viewed at: