Companion Animal Blood Glucose Monitoring System Introduced at BSAVA by HORIBA

24 March 2014

Northampton, UK– 24th- March 2014 – HORIBA UK Ltd, Medical Division, will introduce a cost-effective veterinary blood glucose monitoring system to its range of animal diagnostics and surgical products at Stand 505 BSAVA 2014, 3rd-6th April, Birmingham. The new GLUCO CALEA blood glucose meter is specifically developed and calibrated to enable precise monitoring of sugar levels in the whole blood of animals.

Highly accurate and easy-to-use for the assessment of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in animals, the GLUCO CALEA can be used in both veterinary practice and at home for regular monitoring and subsequent treatment optimisation. For convenience and to ensure result accuracy for every test, the new blood glucose meter includes three unique code chips for the measurement of blood sugar in cats, dogs and horses.

Further ensuring simplicity of use in any location, the GLUCO CALEA utilises disposable test strips that can measure glucose from just 0.5 µL of capillary whole blood in seconds. Handheld and battery operated, the meter is also readily portable. In addition, its memory will store 300 test results and at the press of a button blood glucose averages for 7, 14 and 30 days are displayed.

“Using a meter calibrated for humans when measuring animal blood glucose may result in inaccurate readings and an underestimation of blood glucose,” explained Paul Lymer, Veterinary Market Specialist, HORIBA UK. “This is because animals and humans have very different blood compositions, notably the concentration of glucose in blood plasma is significantly higher in animals. Therefore, it is essential to use a blood glucose meter specifically developed for animals such as the GLUCO CALEA.”

Blood glucose measurements taken at home in conjunction with those taken at the veterinary clinic can help to improve animal diabetes therapy. One such therapy for hypoglycemia in small animals is also newly available from HORIBA. GOLD energy plus liquid sugar is rapid acting and highly effective over a long period. A clearly visible volume scale on the side of the re-sealable tube enables easy oral dosing of this vanilla flavoured gel.

For more information on the HORIBA veterinary diagnostics range to be displayed at the BSAVA and for the opportunity to claim a free GLUCO CALEA meter with every purchase of 50 test strips, please visit stand 505 or