HORIBA introduces new division and team

21 May 2009

Renowned specialists in the design and manufacture of systems and instruments for analysing and measuring gases, liquids and solids, the HORIBA Group introduces its newest division - HORIBA Medical which specialises in automated in vitro diagnostics.  Although the new name highlights HORIBA Medical’s 25-year clinical heritage, when known as ABX Diagnostics, the company is able to cater for many other testing and monitoring environments with its compact bench top chemistry and haematology analysers.

 HORIBA Medical is already established within the area of specialist analysis with current installations in: sports science, water testing, food and beverages, veterinary, neutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and university clinical research laboratories. In recognition of a growing demand for its compact analysers in such areas, HORIBA Medical has now created a new dedicated ‘Specialist Analysis’ sales and support team within the UK able to advise on the many potential applications of its highly versatile analysers.

 The HORIBA Group is listed on the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges and has 5,000 employees present in 43 subsidiaries worldwide. HORIBA Medical will now become further established as a key part of its world leading parent company which comprises five different segments of activity: Medical, Scientific, Process and Environment, Semiconductors and Automotive Testing Systems.

 Having ready access to such a diverse technological Group brings significant advantages to HORIBA Medical, particularly with regard to product enhancements and new product developments. HORIBA Medical’s R&D benefits from all the technologies patented by its parent HORIBA Group and from synergies between the Group’s 13 Research Centres worldwide. HORIBA Medical itself invests over 10% of its turnover in R&D to ensure that it continues to design systems capable of performing increasingly complex analyses, whilst simplifying interpretation of results, which is particularly important in a specialist analysis environment for example.

 “Our specific aim is to ensure smooth and efficient analysis wherever it is required and the Company has already successfully developed an array of automated analysers to meet all needs,” said Cleve Wright, General Manager, HORIBA Medical UK. “We look forward to working even more closely with our sister companies within the HORIBA Group to continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations”. HORIBA Medical’s products range from compact analysers to high throughput systems, all designed, developed and distributed worldwide from its European headquarters in Montpellier, France.