HORIBA Medical supports Spire Healthcare’s expanding UK pathology network

22 September 2011

Following the 2009 contract agreement with Spire Healthcare, where 17 ABX Pentra 80 haematology analysers were installed within six weeks of signing, HORIBA Medical continues its strong support of Spire’s UK pathology network. With 37 hospitals, Spire is the UK’s second largest private hospital group and has recently expanded its laboratory network to 18 with the opening of Spire Washington. Due to its ongoing successful relationship with HORIBA Medical, Spire has now installed a further ABX Pentra 80 haematology analyser in this new laboratory, as well as two ABX Micros ES 60 point of care (POC) haematology analysers in its Harpenden and Macclesfield Wellness Clinics.

Since Spire’s pathology laboratories provide both routine and specialist testing on over 1.5 million samples per year to numerous external clients including independent and NHS hospitals, GPs, pharmaceutical companies, research centres, universities and the UK's largest health screening organisation, as well as its own hospitals, analyser reliability and service excellence are critical factors. “We have had a very good 20 months in our working relationship with HORIBA Medical, whose team has met our haematology testing needs very proactively,” said Dr Fergus Macpherson, Pathology Director, Spire. “Following the incredibly rapid initial installation of 17 ABX Pentra 80 analysers, where HORIBA Medical stuck to the delivery dates and timetable, our laboratories have been well trained and very flexibly supported in all areas.”

Due to this excellent professional working relationship, analyser reliability and compatibility, Spire plans on installing more HORIBA Medical analysers as its pathology network continues to grow. For example, the two new ABX Micros ES 60 POC analysers were selected for use in Wellness Clinics. These analysers provide a rapid, laboratory standard full blood count, with a 3-part differential and combined with the ease of use, small footprint and CPA compliance, it is ideal for the POCT environment. They are also compatible with the technology used in the larger ABX Pentra 80 laboratory analysers.
The reliability of the HORIBA Medical analysers and service levels has also ensured cost savings within the Spire network due to the reduced need for management time and increases in service levels.

Clive Woodford, Operations Manager, Spire, also commented on the excellent levels of service and training that his team has received from HORIBA Medical. “Our laboratory personnel have had access to three different types of very effective training, including residential, on-site and e-Learning; this 3-pronged approach provides great training flexibility to suit all needs. In addition, we underwent a second round of ‘super-user’ training, to give us an extra degree of expertise within all our laboratories for these essential analysers and further minimise any downtime.”

Working in partnership with good lines of communication has given rise to additional future opportunities for both HORIBA Medical and Spire Healthcare. “Having worked highly effectively with HORIBA Medical for the past 20 months, we know that we can fully trust their haematology expertise and technology, so much so that we are now undertaking some joint R&D work,” added Clive Woodford.