HORIBA Medical - UK offers the Dr. Fritz Video-Compact-System for small animal endoscopy

11 October 2010

HORIBA Medical - UK now offers the Dr. Fritz Video-Compact-System for veterinary endoscopic applications as part of its range of animal healthcare products. The innovative and flexible Dr. Fritz system is suitable for everyday small animal practice and includes a base unit and video otoscope attachment with a range of accessories for various applications.

Both the 1/3” CCD video camera and cold light source are combined in one solid and easy to operate unit, whilst the single cable technology enables the transfer of clear, magnified endoscopic images to the monitor. The camera can also be used independent of the light source and combined with a standard microscope to display urine, haematological and cytological slides. The single cable technology is facilitated by the TWIN Lock connection which enables the cable to be easily connected to the endoscopes with a secure bayonet lock. Offering high mobility and flexibility during examinations, the single cable makes the examination of agitated and moving animals easier.

The Dr. Fritz Video-Compact-System includes a complete set of equipment for all otoscopic examinations. The 90° video otoscope attachment can be combined with six different examination sheaths, permitting the examination of ears, oral cavity and teeth. The combined suction and irrigation sheath enables the flushing of inflammation from the ear under visual control prior to topical treatment. With the working sheath, removal of foreign objects, biopsy and even dental examinations of smaller animals such as rodents is much faster, easier and secure when following the enhanced visual display.

Optional endoscopes are also available from HORIBA Medical - UK for the Dr. Fritz Video-Compact-System, expanding the possible applications by adding rhinoscopic, bronchoscopic, cystoscopic and gynaecological functionality.

HORIBA Medical - UK will be exhibiting the Dr. Fritz Video-Compact-System at the forthcoming London Vet Show at Olympia, 22nd to 23rd October 2010, on Stand M4.