Live remote bidirectional access for POC blood analysis at IBMS 2009

6 August 2009

The new ABX Micro ES60 – one of a number of new products on view at the HORIBA Medical Stand 715

The new ABX Micro ES60 – one of a number of new products on view at the HORIBA Medical Stand 715

At IBMS 2009 on Stand 715, HORIBA Medical will give live demonstrations of remote bidirectional access to point of care (POC) haematology results, logs, QC, cleaning cycles and troubleshooting, via Pentra SAfe. This new solution enables Trusts to comply with CPA accreditation requirements for secure access to remote analysers and full audit trails to ensure patient safety.  Also on its stand, HORIBA Medical will be introducing new haematology and clinical chemistry analysers. In addition, the safe intelligent results auto-validation capabilities of ABX Pentra ML data management software for HORIBA Medical’s haematology analysers, will also be demonstrated.

 The live POC demonstrations will take place in conjunction with Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, the first in the UK to experience the benefits of remote bidirectional access to its ABX Pentra 60C+ POC haematology analysers. Eight of these compact analysers from HORIBA Medical are used in various POC locations managed by the Trust’s dedicated POC team. These include A&E, oncology clinics, a healthcare centre in Aldershot and a satellite community hospital.

 HORIBA Medical will introduce three new bench top analysers ideal for specialist clinics and POC situations, where a fast turnaround of haematology and chemistry results can make a real difference to patient waiting times and outcomes. The brand new Pentra ES60 haematology analyser will be seen for the first time in the UK at IBMS 2009, in addition to the ABX Micros ES60 haematology analyser and Pentra C200 clinical chemistry analyser.

 Specially designed for POC clinics, laboratories and emergency services, the next generation of the ABX Micros contains all the functions needed to manage results securely and easily through its new integrated workstation. The new Pentra C200 clinical chemistry analyser is designed as an economical option for smaller sized laboratories and incorporates standards usually only found in larger systems. It combines a high degree of automation, ergonomics and quality of results into one compact system.