BRAND NEW: OCMA-500 Oil Content Analyser

1 August 2014

We hereby introduce HORIBA’s new Oil Content Analyser, the OCMA-500, which is a successor model to the OCMA-300 series. The Oil content measurement in the OCMA-500 series is based on the non-dispersive infrared absorption method, which has also been used in the OCMA-300 series. The non-dispersive infrared absorption method is marked by its capability of detecting both, volatile and saturated oils/fats, in a very short measurement time. The OCMA-500 series can perform a set of processes, from extraction of oil from the sample to introduction, analysis and drainage of the solvent, in a fully automated manner. In parallel, the usage of HORIBA’s extraction solvent S-316 has been reduced by 20%. The device is compact and light weight. A menu guided operation ensures easy handling and measuring results in a short time. The measuring range is covering 0 to 200mg/l with a high precision. Using dilution, also higher ranges are possible. Zero and span calibration works automatically with one touch.