A New Generation of High End Instruments


24 September 2012

High end instruments for Hematology market is a tremendous request both from hospitals and screening platforms where high reliability and throughput are required. To address this challenging market, the Nexus product was designed and manufactured as an improvement of the existing Pentra DX120 blood analyzer. The main improvements concern hardware and software, including the use of a new laser technology, some pneumatic improvements, additional functionalities in the Pentra ML Data Management and an ergonomic evolution including a new cover integrating a color touch screen. The Pentra Nexus comes out in two versions, the Pentra DF Nexus, making cell blood count, and the Pentra DX Nexus adding the 5 diff formula, erythroblast and reticulocyte parameters to the cell blood count (Figure 1). This article sets out the major technical developments of the Pentra DX Nexus.

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