Brake Test Systems

By: Dieter Weiss

8 February 2010

For quality assurance and technical refinement of brakes, which are of course highly important for vehicle safety, the brake R&D engineering community makes extensive use of a variety of dedicated brake test systems. For example, a friction tester can evaluate wear-behaviour and friction coefficient of materials and is utilized for managing the production quality of such materials. An inertia type brake dynamometer is the defacto test machine used for doing fundamental R&D work on friction material and brake assemblies. A brake NVH dynamometer is a helpful tool for testing the noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) generated by brakes. For the inertia type brake NVH dynamometer, complete brake assemblies along with relevant suspension system and complete axle structure are subject to NVH measurements. On the chassis type brake NVH dynamometer, the complete vehicle in its original condition is used as the test specimen.

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