Confocal Micro X-ray Fluorescence 3D Elemental Imaging For Materials Characterization

By: George J. Havrilla*

23 September 2008

*Los Alamos National Laboratory

Confocal micro X-ray fluorescence is a new instrumental method for materials characterization. In a confocal geometry, the excitation and detection regions are bound by the same foci and therefore, share the same focal spot. This confocal arrangement is achieved by using two monolithic polycapillaries; one focuces the x-rays to a focal spot and the second optic is oriented on the dector side for emission collection from the focal spot. An advantage of the confocal geometry is the capanility of scanning the sampling volume in the x, y, or z direction and subsequently producing a 3D elemental distribution. In this presentation, the performance of the confocal micro X-ray fluorescence microscope and its application capabilities are determined.

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