Continuous Solid Particle Counting System

By: Masayoshi Shinohara, Yoshinori Otsuki

31 August 2011

MEXA-2000SPCS and MEXA-2100SPCS continuously measure the number of solid particle in specified range of size, which is emitted from engines. MEXA-2000SPCS is designed to mainly measures particles emissions by being connected to a full-flow dilution tunnel. It covers requirements described in UN/ECE Regulation No.83, Rev.3, Amend.2, which has been adopted as a test procedure for Euro 5/6, latest regulations in Europe. MEXA-2000SPCS has been downsized to 1/3 of the conventional mode, MEXA-1000SPCS, by optimizing configuration to regulation requirements. The small dimensions make easier to install and transport system in or between laboratories. On the other hand, MEXA-2100SPCS is designed for direct sampling measurements without tunnel dilution. MEXA-2000SPCS series can be used for various test applications by such sampling variation and also prepared options.

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