CRP (C reactive protein) Basics and Clinical Application of CRP

By: Masaki NAKANISHI, Tohru INABA, Naohisa FUJITA

3 January 2016

Accurate identification of infected organs, an infecting organism, the necessity of an antimicrobial and the degree of severity is important for the treatment of infection, for which it is essential to understand accurately the severity of inflammation. However, even if doctors perform careful evaluations, we occasionally come across the cases in which it is difficult to understand exactly the inflammation. These situations require a simple and accurate inflammatory marker. Although many inflammatory markers have been developed, there is no biomarker useful by itself for all of diagnosis, prognostic prediction, response evaluation and healing evaluation. CRP is considered to be useful in the treatment of infection as a biomarker that reflects the clinical course rapidly, at a low cost and in a balanced manner. Moreover, if we understand the mechanism of CRP production and its weak point, it has a great deal of potential in the daily medical practice.

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