Detection of Electronic Defects in Semiconductor Thin-Films During Plasma Processing


11 April 2019

Figure 1 Schematic view of experimental setup. The setup consists of two parts: plasma diagnostics (upper part) and in-situ material characterization (lower part).

Feature Article

Author(*) Information: Senior Research Scientist,Research Center for Photovoltaics,National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology,Ph.D.

In semiconductor device fabrication, a variety of thin-film materials are deposited and etched away by means of plasma processing technology. The device performance is often limited by electronic defects, which are generated in the film during plasma processing. So, it is necessary to reduce these defects by precisely controlling the plasma processing, based on the knowledge of the defect generation and annihilation kinetics. In this study, we have developed an unique technique for detecting the electronic defects by measuring the photocurrent in the film under illumination of light at two different wavelengths.



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