Development of Immunoassay Test Kit “SmartAssay Series” for Pesticide Analysis

By: Shiro MIYAKE

31 May 2012

Twenty one kinds of direct competitive ELISA test kits were developed for checking insecticides and fungicides. The pesticides are applied just before harvests. Low molecular compounds including pesticides do not have an antibody by producibility themselves. However, some of them produce antibody by binding covalently to the surface of immunogenics protein to innoculate. These compounds are called hapten and anti-pesticide antibodies were also prepared by this behavior. In the basic examinations of hapten design and antibody preparation, it was found that monoclonal antibodies showed higher reactivity to the pesticides than polyclonal antibodies and efficient reaction property to pesticide analysis such as tolerance to organic solvent. Pesticide residue analysis test kits “SmartAssay series” developed based on such a knowledge have been evaluated by researchers as applicable to residual pesticide analysis in farm products. The kits are used for pesticide test before shipment.

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