Development of Microbeam in the High-Energy X-Ray Region and the Application to X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

By: Yasuko Terada*

23 September 2008

*Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute

X-ray fluorescence analysis that directly detects K-lines of heavy metal elements was conducted using high energy X-ray of 100 keV or more obtained from SPring-8. The analysis showed that it could detect rare earth elements at ppm level and some heavy metal elements such as tungsten. As a result of applying this method to various fields, it was found that the method was very useful as a means of identification using heavy metals in glass or ceramic shards as the indicators. Moreover, the X-ray focusing element was designed and developed in an effort to realize microbeam in the unprecedented field of high-energy X-ray region, and it was demonstrated that mocrobeams about 1 μm could be obtained in the 30 to 100 keV regions with a total reflection mirror.

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