Fabrication Technology and Characteristics of MOS Device on Atomically Flat Silicon Surface

By: Akinobu TERAMOTO*

11 April 2019

Figure 5 ID-VD characteristics of MOSFETs on Si(100), Si(110)and Si(551) surfaces.

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Author(*) Information: Professor,NICHe (New Industry Creation Hatchery Center),Tohoku University.

The surface roughness of silicon and interface roughness of gate insulator/Silicon are very important for MOSFETs. The lifetime of gate insulator can be one order of magnitude increased and the current drivability can be improved by the atomic order flattening compared to the conventional silicon surface. Recently, the three-dimensional MOSFET, such as“FinFET” uses Si(110) surface as the side walls. The process technologies, such as the cleaning technology, oxidation of silicon surface, transportation from an equipment to other equipment etc., of Si(110) surface is more difficult than those of Si(100) which is used for the conventional LSI’s. The process technology of Si(110) and problems in the process control and measurement technologies to be solved in next generation of the integrated circuit technology are described.

Note: Full paper of the same content in Japanese is in Readout No.51Japanese edition.