Feature Article: Measurement Technology and Product Development for Pharmaceutical Water in Manufacturing Processes of the Pharmaceutical and Food Industry

By: Atsushi TANAKA*, Yoko NAKAI, Toshio MORITA, Kohei TANAKA

1 February 2019

Author(*) Information:  HORIBA Advanced Techno, Co., Ltd.

In recent years, quality control in the pharmaceutical and food processes has become very important globally. Pharmaceutical water is directly administered to the human body, and its regulation method varied according to the regulation of each country. However, along with recent trends in globalization, international harmonization on standards of each country and movement to revise measurement items in pharmaceutical water are expanding. In this paper, we will introduce trends of measurement technology in pharmaceutical and food processes and HORIBA products against such movements.

Note: Full paper of the same content in Japanese is in Readout No.48-Japanese edition.