Feature Article: Request for pH Measurement in Regenerative Medicine Field and Future Development

By: Kazuhiro MIYAMURA *, Yuichi ICHINARI

1 February 2019

Author(*) Information: HORIBA Advanced Techno, Co., Ltd.

Regenerative medicine is undergoing rapid research and development in order to disseminate it as a therapeutic method that artificially creates human tissue and restores function. To generalize the regenerative medicine, it is necessary to cultivate a large amount of stem cells such as iPS cells. pH monitoring of culture solution is an indispensable item for mass culture. The pH sensor for cell culture are “maintenance of sterile environment”, “influence of eluted material on cells” and “stability of measurement” necessary. As an example of a single-use pH electrode for cell culture, we introduce γ-ray sterilized pH electrode connectable to cell culture vessel. As a result, the performance of this electrode, in cell culture for 2 weeks or more, was pH control within 0.1 pH of the culture solution. We will continue to respond to requests for new analyzes from the field of regenerative medicine and contribute with measurement technology to the development of regenerative medicine.

Note: Full paper of the same content in Japanese is in Readout No.46-Japanese edition.