Feature Article: Tunable Laser Gas Analyzer TX-100

By: Takuya IDO*

27 February 2019

Figure 5 Comparison of HCl concentration using laser method and ion electrode method.

Author(*) Information: HORIBA, Ltd.

In recent years, laser gas analyzers have been introduced into various plants such as incineration plants and petrochemical plants. Since laser gas analyzers do not require the troublesome process of gas-sampling at the time of measurement, laser gas analysis provides fast response time which enables the plants to operate
with high efficiency. The cross-stack laser gas analyzer is already widely used, there are several issues surrounding this device. Not only does the cross-stack analyzer have a restricted place for installation, but it also requires complicated operations to remove the analyzer from the stack for calibrated. As a response to
these circumstances, HORIBA has succeeded in creating the TX-100, which is the first direct-insertion laser hydrogen chloride analyzer in Japan*1 to use a probe type optical system to overcome the prior issues. This paper will feature the principles, aspects, and examples of measurements at incineration plants.

*1: In-company investigation in August 2018

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